Sorry for the inconvenience but the new website will be worth it!

We are adding many new functions and features to make navigation of our site easier. I will tell you about a few.

Our models and artists will be able to request that their portfolios be sent to a prospective agent or client from the comfort of their computer or mobile device. They can also customize their portfolio for the individual and job sought.

Each managed artist and model will have the ability to create and share their private photo galleries and albums. They will also be featured daily on the home page with streaming galleries and short films.

For those wishing to contact us, we have automated the process to make sure you get to the right person and receive a quick response to your queries.

Our event management group will be using new and improved event task management tools to insure that all managed events exceed the expectations of our clients.

New calendars will show all local and regional events. Event sponsors will be able to add their events after they have registered with our site.

Talent and booking agents will be able to browse our model and artist galleries for possible candidates for their upcoming projects. Appointment requests will be part of the system so that they can arrange for interviews and portfolio packages.

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